wendy hill

Creativity, ideas and connections are the backbone of my new business venture. After having been a busy and fulfilled homemaker for the past 16 years in Greenwich, relocation was a natural segue having lived and moved myself to 6 cities, in 3 countries, on 2 continents. What most consider to be a daunting and exhausting experience, I find challenging and fulfilling; thinking through all of the steps required to make a transition seamless and happy. I am now monetizing what I have been working on for years, and providing a personalized and holistic experience that reaches well beyond selecting a new city or town, home and schools. With a background in marketing and advertising and a network that extends far beyond the tri-state area, I am excited about this new phase of life where I can creatively and effectively help my clients to seamlessly transition into their new environment. As a licensed real estate sales person, my clients also have the benefit of being able to access and evaluate prospective homes with my guiding and knowledgeable hand.

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